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Our activity commenced in 1998, with the production of ice-cream in waffle cups, on a small territory. However, the ambitious plans to create a wide range of products led to the building of a new factory, thus developing a variety of flavors and new delights.

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Our production is in permanent development. We implement advanced technologies in order to reach excellence in new recipes, offering unique delights to our customers

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Delice Cone


The perfect smooth and sweet dessert for a warm summer evening! Enjoy this chocolate wrapped crispy cone filled with fine vanilla and strawberry flavoured ice-cream, topped with layers of strawberry jam, and drizzled with jam and hazelnuts for an exquisite taste.

Fresh Ingredients

QUALITY – A key factor in the performance of our products is the excellence of raw materials that we use. From the beginning, we use quality ingredients: fresh milk, natural cream, egg yolks, sugar, fruit, nuts.